What must be understood?


Big Data is commonly described as using the five Vs: value, variety, volume, velocity, veracity. A reduction in “volume” takes place with Smart Data. Only useful information for solving the problem is presented. Variety may, or may not, be reduced, depending on the screening process used in filtering the data. Value, velocity, and veracity (accuracy) should all increase with the decrease in volume..

Machine Learning is often a training process for Artificial Intelligence platforms, but can also be used as a recognition and decision-making program. As the use and popularity of Smart Data has increased, it has also been used with Machine Learning algorithms designed to seek out Business Intelligence and insights. Machine Learning allows organizations to filter Data Lakes and Data Warehouses, creating Smart Data in the process.

During the screening and filtering process of creating Smart Data, decisions are made as to which data should be blocked, and which should be presented. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) use specific criteria during this process. AI is an ongoing attempt to create intelligence within machines, allowing them to work and respond like humans. Artificial Intelligence has provided flexibility and can address unique goals. For example, financial services firms can use AI-driven Smart Data for customer analysis, fraud detection, market analysis, and compliance.

WHAT We have developed?



SPARKS automatically generates visualizations and creates data plots that are most relevant from a statistical perspective based on the most relevant data statistics to help users get a quick understanding of their data prior to starting the model building process.

Sparks Wizard

An application suited for ETL and Basic Analysis for Structured and Unstructured Data

Feature list:

  • READER – Importing data

  • CLEANER – Parsing data

  • SHAPER – Arranging data

  • JOINER – Merging data

  • VISUER – Visualize data

Sparks Genesix

An application designed for contextual analysis based on selected portals.

Feature list:

  • Google Trends

  • News

  • Twitter

Sparks Cosmos

An application to perform Spatial Analysis on raster and vector data.

Feature list:

  • Choropleth

  • Geotagging

  • Isochrones

  • Heatmap

  • 3D Visual

  • Origin-Destination Visual

SAINT (Smart AI Network Topology)

A localized demography intelligence for Data Driven Decision Making

Feature list:

  • Gender and Age

  • Income Bracket

  • Race

  • Economic Activity

Unsupervised Learning

An application to convert data (from standard persistence database e.g. mysql, nosql) to a meaningful data analytics with minimal human intervention in real-time via Artificial Intelligence.

Feature list:

  • Analytics Visual Dashboard

  • Knowledge Graph Capable

  • Deep Learning engine

  • Reporting

  • RESTful API

  • Secured backend engine (secure RPC)

Farm Management System

An application for farm management through analytics.

Feature list:

  • Yield / Crop Management

  • Employee and Machinery

  • Farm Integration

  • Financial Budgeting

  • Season Planning

  • Mobile App

  • Sensor Localization

  • Analysis

  • IOT

  • Sensors Localization

  • Fleet Management

  • Satellite Imagery

  • Marketplace

  • Smart-Geo Layer

  • Soil Investigation

  • User Boarding

  • Weather Station Data

  • RESTful API

  • Unsupervised A.I

SALT (Smart Algorithm Localized Topography)

An algorithm driven GIS boundary to differentiate Residential and Commercial Boundaries

Static Data

Our collection of fixed datasets.



  • Road Network

  • Railway Network

  • Estimated Bus Network


  • By States

  • By Residential and Commercial clusters for whole Malaysia

  • By Political Boundary

  • By District


  • 100m by 100m

  • 500m by 500m

  • 1km by 1km

  • 5km by 5km

Computer Vision Dataset

Data which covers million of images and videos of various format and size. Usually, to be use in Machine Learning modelling and simulation

Health Data

Data pertaining Covid-19 global data:

  • Global Data

  • Global Image Data

  • Localized Covid Cases Statistics

  • Localized Covid Cases Density

Point of Importance (POI)

An application that combines all data related to Malaysia Citizen that IBU Analytics have and combine it to Smart Data via Network Graph

  • 1.22 Million Datapoints outside Greater Klang Valley

  • 1.2 Million Unique Datapoints in Greater Klang Valley

  • POI’s (146000+)

  • Hotel (30000+)

  • Restaurants (120000+)

Buildings in Malaysia

  • Full Polygons of buildings throughout Malaysia (4TB of Raw Data and Processed Data)

Other Category Covers such as:

  • Infrastructure (Highway/Train)

  • Commercial Valley

  • Building

  • Emergency

  • Geological

  • Land use

  • Office

  • Shops

  • Land Plots

  • Cell Towers

Dynamic Data

Our collection of datasets that are continuously being updated.

Pricing Data

  • Consumable

  • Grocery and Supermarket

  • Car

  • Car Rental

  • House

  • Technolgy Items

  • Second-Hand Items

  • Events

  • E-Commerce

  • House Rental


  • Twitter Tweets and Trendings

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • HERE Maps

  • Foursquare


  • Traffic Data

  • Parliamentary Hearings

  • News from multiple sources of News Provider

  • Malaysian Stock Price Market

  • Crypto Stock Price Market

Satellite Data

  • Population Timeseries

  • Economic Activity

  • Population Demography

  • Land Cover

  • Land Elevation

  • Global Risk Assessment