An application suited for ETL and Analysis for Structured and Unstructured Data.

First publicly available software to handle unstructured data. First in Malaysia to be used by Malaysian Government Agency. Fully customizable based on the client's needs. Can be operated as an API to be integrated by client's platform.

Main Component

READER – Importing data

Import files of different format into Data. Currently, Wizard provide reading of these extensions:

  • Excel

  • Text

  • RDS (R Data Structure)

  • Web

  • Database

  • OCR

  • PDF

CLEANER – Parsing data

Process your data as you desire it to be. Wizard allows a multitude of cleaner tools that includes

  • Slicer (To keep or remove column/rows from data)

  • Cleanup (To clean variables from unwanted format)

  • Missing (To handle missing values)

  • Mutating (To add/change data)

  • Text:Stringr (To handle text datapoint)

  • Codes (To allow R-conversant user to do things by code)

SHAPER – Arranging data

Arrange your data accordingly. This includes these functions below:

  • Change Class

  • Change Column Names

  • Separate a Column into Two

  • Unite two Columns into One

  • Gather Data to Long Format

  • Spread Data to Wide Format

  • Sort Data by Ascending/Descending

  • Select Data

  • Transpose Dat

JOINER – Merging data

Connect Datasets together by Rows or Columns.

VISUER – Visualize data

Analyse data through visualizations. Do it by selecting a type of visualization provided or do it yourself by code


File Import

Wide range of data import and extraction capabilities. Other format can be added upon request.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is extracting data through image or PDF. The examples are:


Database Connectivity

Connect to your own Database through our extension. Wizard can handle any type of Database to ease the Data Importing process.

Interactive Visualization

Interactivity gives another dimension towards analysis. In Wizard, users can opt for Interactivity you need it.

Exporting File/Visuals

Wizard allows users to export processed Data or Visualizations to be used for their own means.

Code yourself!

Data handling is an endless possibility. Hence, we allow users to code themselves in our built-in code section.

Future Release

Wizard is a completed application. Any modifications will be dealt by client subscription basis.

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