Sparks Genesix is designed to provide contextual analysis of social media data.
In Genesix, data and information are presented in quality visual plots and models in order to give more insights towards the social media data.

Main Component

Sparks Genesix leverages on the API’s provided by Twitter and Google for their respective analysis. News Analysis uses our data lake of acquired News Data.

Google Trends

  • Time Series Visualization on selected topics

  • Location Analysis

  • Related Keyword Trend

News Analysis

  • Time Series Visualization on selected keyword

  • Frequency of articles based on keywords

  • Text Richness by News outlet

Twitter Analysis

  • Quick Statistical Overview

  • Time Series Visualization on Trend

  • Influencer Relation by Sankey Visualization

  • Tweethandle and Hashtag Relation by Network Visualization

  • Underlying Topic Model by Treemap Visualization

  • Frequent words by Wordcloud

  • User demography by Sunburst Visualization


Network Visualization

Genesix provided a network visualization to demonstrate relations of data that contains an OD (Origin-Destination) format. This includes Twitter User relativity; Hashtag relativity and Tweet mentions.

Live Data

By connecting to API, you can query your search directly from the app. Nonetheless, do note that our APIs are just for demonstration purposes. To query the full extent of the data, you can sign up to the API yourself at relevant providers.

Historical Data Access

We’ve been collecting and gathering news and twitter data since a few years back. You can access those files upon request.

Future Release

  • Additions of new API

  • Addition of Analytical Module

  • Cross-platform analysis

Capabilities Comparison

Capabilities GENESIX BRAND24 FollowerWonk
Customizable Yes, GENESIX can be customizable depending on the client's preference. No No
Twitter Search Limit Up to 18,000 tweets per keyword search Up to 20 keywords search with maximum 250k mentions Up to 1,500 profile per search
Data Analytic Visuals Available Available Available
Media Platforms Twitter, News, Google Trends Twitter Twitter
In-House Data Storage Available (to store News Data for high speed access) Not Available Not Available
Real-Time data Yes Yes Yes
Localized Intelligence Yes No No

Price Comparison

Option GENESIX BRAND24 FollowerWonk
Personal $39 USD per month $49 USD per month Free (limited features)
Premium $89 USD per month $99 USD per month $29 USD per month
Ultra $179 USD per month $189 USD per month $79 USD per month